Osteoporosis - Saving Your Skeleton

If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis then we want to introduce you to those Pilates reformer exercises that can help to safeguard the longevity of your skeleton by improving your bone density. Falls in the over 60’s are often related to lower body weakness, poor balance or difficulty in walking.Pilates reformer exercises

Low impact, resistance and weight bearing Pilates exercises can help to strengthen your joints and improve your balance and make walking less difficult. Most hip fractures and head injuries that occur in the over 60’s are a result of what is termed low energy trauma. This means that the fracture is the result of a fall from a standing position or from an even lower height.

The UK maintains a national hip fracture database (NHFD) (1). Figures show that In 2017 almost 67,000 over 60’s suffered a hip fracture and figures are expected to rise as the UK population ages. Alarmingly about 2,700 of these hip fractures were to hospital inpatients.The mortality rate (death within 30 days of presentation at hospital) was more than 7% at 4,600.

Following a structured programme of exercises on the Pilates reformer and the Pilates Corealign may help you to avoid being part of any future statistics.

(1) 2017 annual report NHFD.

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